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About us


Sound Engineer 

Erik is the sound recordists and engineer for the podcast. Erik takes the lead on making sure our audio is up to industry standard and is mixed and mastered professionally! 


Erik is an audio producer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist composer. Outside of Radio Silence, he's scoring an indie video game and working on his own musical projects!

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Radio Silence was founded in July 2020 as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Radio stations across the country were launching social media campaigns and speaking on air about the protests in a way that didn't sit right with us. They were talking the talk but, according to Ofcom staffing statistics, they were not walking the walk.

As.a response, the #RadioSilence movement was created. National radio stations were surveyed to find out their percentage of BAME staff and the results were... devastating. 

Since then, Radio Silence has evolved. Now a non-profit orginization, Radio Silence aims to uplift the stories of underrepresented groups in the UK radio, audio and broadcasting industries. We do this through original research, intentional platforming, community outreach, events and our podcast!

"we need to talk about the uk radio industry"


Kaylee is a multi-media presenterand producer. Kaylee presents our podcast and is an integral part of our community outreach, original ressearch and content creation!


Outside of Radio Silence, she currently wears many hats and works across Magic FM, Reprezent, BBC Midlands, E4, MTV and hosts "On Your Gaydar" as well as DJing. 

Founder & Presenter

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Founder & Executive Producer

Pulama is an audio producer, sound designer and podcaster. Pulama is the executive producer and editor of our podcast, and works collaboratively on our research and community outreach!

Pulama works freelance across The Guardian, BBC, Don't Skip Media and on independent podcasts outside of Radio Silence. 

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Sara is a creative content creator and audio producer. Sara works across the Radio Silence social media channels creating engaging content, helps us to structure our original research and edits our podcast!

Sara also works as a producer at Talk Radio, creates content for the BBC and works across independent podcasts!

Founder & Producer

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