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In Ofcom’s “Diversity and Equal opportunity in Radio and TV” report published in 2020, women (inclusive of all who identify) make up nearly half (43%) of all employees in the surveyed radio groups. However, this report does not account for the types of roles being occupied by women and it leaves a huge blank space on data regarding local and community stations. 


Beyond a promising statistic, the question of invisible barriers remains. If women are being welcomed through the door, are they also being given the same treatment, opportunities and protection as their male counterparts? 

"the experience of women in radio"

According to Ofcom’s 2019 Diversity and equal opportunities in radio report, the total percentage of staff in minority ethnic groups at the UK’s three main radio broadcasters was low: just 9% at BBC Radio, 8% at Global, and 3% at Bauer. The national workforce average was 12%, while the 2011 census put the non-white population of the UK at 14%.

Radio Silence also found that many mainstream national stations have a lack of Black and non-Black POC presenters: LBC, Radio X, Capital FM, Magic FM, and Absolute Radio only have one POC presenter each on their schedules. Even worse are Talk Radio and Virgin Radio, who have none at all.

"We need to talk about the uk radio industry"


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